Use of loopback.

Perhaps I was not clear in my explanation...

Hi all,

just one question regarding the use of loopback interface.

I noticed some one in the newsgroup reported configurations with the following statements

interface Loopback0 ip address ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly ..........

interface dialer0 ip unnumbered Loopback0

So I would ask you if I can use loopback to standardize my configurations of about 20-30 837 routers which differ only by the kind of ADSL technology used but are basically the sames regarding tunnels, ip routes, route-maps and so on. Can names be assigned to network and not to only to host to increase standardization on config file? I think those features will make my configurations error-proof on first installations of the routers.

Cisco tells I can bind an unnumbered interface to another interface in the state up/up.

Can anyone tell me whteher I'm right or not?


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about 20-30 837 routers

sames regarding tunnels,

only to host to

If you are talking about DNS names, then, no. There are strictly specified what kind of types can be used in DNS, and AFAIK, networks are not one of them.

installations of the routers.

They would if they would be possible. You may look at scripting for big- scale configuration production.



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