NAT loopback - sort of


I have a Cisco 1841 connected to a DSL circuit and two LANs. Fa0/0 is Fa0/1 is Dialer0 is a /28 over DSL [ for the sake of argument]

I have a 1:1 NAT on one of the /28s [let's call it] to is visible from outside, I can get on to the web interface etc fine. My problem is that the hosts on can't see The address is pingable, but I suspect it's the Cisco itself responding to pings rather than, as the ping packets never reach

I did try this:

!begin route-map clever-routing permit 30 match ip address 122 set ip next-hop ! access-list 122 permit ip host !end

clever-routing is the ip policy route-map applied to Fa0/0.

Can anyone tell me why packets from don't arrive at
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