resetting just one isakmp

We have our Cisco router hosting VPN to 3 external facilities which use Symantec VPM devices - every so often the connection drops . If I reset all of the VPN on the cisco router all is well but when I do this I don't want to have to clear isakmp sa which clears them all - I want to only clear crypto isakmp (specific connection) only. I saw in some documentation that if you do a show crypto isakmp sa it shows you the connection ID which I could use to kill the connection on a ID by ID level. But on my PIX506E when I type in show crypto isakmp sa I only get the dst,src,state,pending,created feilds and no Conn-id feild. Is this not available on this router ? Any help would be appreciated to help me kill only one connection and not all of them.

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