Trying to send call to Asterisk


My AS-5300 is configured properly and switching calls to a hardware (Dialogic) IVR.

Now, I would like to start experimenting with a software IVR based on Asterisk, which I installed in a Linux server.

What I would like is to find out whether I have the correct dial peer configurations. They look like this:

!Inbound Dial Peer: ! dial-peer voice 874 pots incoming called-number ^7224$ direct-inward-dial port 2:D ! an ISDN PRI is conected here !

! Outbound Dial Peer: dial-peer voice 7224 voip destination-pattern ^7224$ session target !

When I place a call into the number (xxx) xxx-7224 it is received by the Cisco but it is rejected immediately with a "Destination out of order" Q931 error message.

The "show dialplan number 7224" command looks fine, and I assume the Cisco is configured Ok. However, it looks as if the Cisco is not even trying to establish a TCP/IP session with the asterisk-server host (according to tcpdump).

Any tips or suggestions are much appreciated.

-Ramon F Herrera

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Ramon F Herrera
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