Challenge with digit manipulation (Dial Peers)

Hello there. My boss gave me some kind of challenge task. I will tell it to you, and hope on your help. The challenge task is next. There is a PRI trunk between a Siemens PBX and Cisco 3745 router, at the same time, there is also one analog connection to FXS port of Cisco router. All calls from PBX will pass PRI trunk to router and then matching voip dial peer to WAN. Except one destination with number 5995, these calls will be passing through FXS port. User will dial 92 prefix to open PRI channel, and 93 for FXS channel. Now, the main task, to ban calls to 5995 destination on PRI trunk! PBX must do only basic function, like open the right circuit, when user dial prefix, all logical tasks must be done by Cisco IOS. Yes, I know that all that can be done by PBX, but... forget it! Now, lets try to find the solution, the right config. Help me, plzzzzzzz... plz, ask me when you need...

Some peace of config:

voice-port 0/4:15 cptone RU bearer-cap Speech ! voice-port 1/0/0 station-id number 6601 ! voice-port 1/0/1 station-id number 6602 ! voice-port 1/1/0 station-id number 6603 ! voice-port 1/1/1 station-id number 6604 ! ! ! ! dial-peer cor custom ! ! ! dial-peer voice 6602 pots destination-pattern 6602 no digit-strip port 0/4:15 ! dial-peer voice 6603 pots destination-pattern 6603 no digit-strip port 0/4:15 ! dial-peer voice 6601 pots destination-pattern 6601 no digit-strip port 0/4:15 ! dial-peer voice 1 voip destination-pattern .... session target ras dtmf-relay cisco-rtp ! dial-peer voice 6604 pots destination-pattern 6604 no digit-strip port 0/4:15 ! gateway timer receive-rtp 1200

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