equivalent of command "set cam static" ?

Hello, I'd like to forward traffic to a multicast mac address only to selected interfaces on a switch. I'va seen the command "set cam static". Does this command respond to my question? What's more this command is fo a catalyst 6000. But what's the equivalent for others switchs (catalyst 4000, 3750, ...) Thanks for your help

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Hmmm. I am no multicast wizard however the switch does not use the CAM for multiacst traffic in the same way as for unicast I don' think. It either floods it or uses some end device registration scheme to send it the correct way.

Maybe this will help:-

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"Configuring a Host Statically"

Cisco search for:- [static forwarding database ios] was interesting looking.

mac-address-table static Would seem to be the IOS equivalent of the CatOS "set cam..."

Also noticed, re 8500:-(( clear bridge bridge_group_number Remove any learned entries from the forwarding database and clear the transmit and receive counts for any statically configured forwarding entries.

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HI U can configure set cam static < port number> < vlan--- if it is trunk port>, with this command u can statically map multicast MAC to physical ports, so what ever be the traffic coming with the destination MAC with the multicast MAC whole packets wil come to these ports.

and the same command will do for 6500, 6000,5500,4000 running with Cat OS .( set cam static 01-00-11-22-33-44 2/6-12)

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