SPAN port on Cat 4006

Hi Group,

I am trying to setup a SPAN port on a Cisco Cat 4006 running CATOS, however when I establish the SPAN port it shuts of the interface so I can no longer ping the device. Is this normal behavior or am I missing something?

(enable) sh ver WS-C4006 Software, Version NmpSW: 7.4(2) Copyright (c) 1995-2002 by Cisco Systems, Inc. NMP S/W compiled on Oct 8 2002, 18:12:59 GSP S/W compiled on Oct 08 2002, 15:54:51

System Bootstrap Version: 5.4(1)

Hardware Version: 3.2 Model: WS-C4006 Serial #: FOX0610031N

Mod Port Model Serial # Versions

--- ---- ------------------ --------------------


1 2 WS-X4013 JAE06140184 Hw : 3.2 Gsp: 7.4(2.0) Nmp: 7.4(2) 2 48 WS-X4148-RJ45V JAE0638073Q Hw : 2.6 3 48 WS-X4148-RJ45V JAE065005NG Hw : 3.0 4 48 WS-X4148-RJ45V JAE0638073R Hw : 2.6 5 48 WS-X4148-RJ45V JAE06240BFV Hw : 2.7 6 48 WS-X4148-RJ45V JAE061105E6 Hw : 3.0

DRAM FLASH NVRAM Module Total Used Free Total Used Free Total Used Free

------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----- ----- -----

1 65536K 40025K 25511K 16384K 7803K 8581K 480K 351K 129K

Uptime is 61 days, 17 hours, 19 minutes (enable)

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Chad Mahoney
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Like disables the source port? Please paste the config line and show span commands.

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Trendkill wrote: > Like disables the source port? Please paste the config line and show

Hi Trendkill,

What I am trying to do, is have a host sniff all traffic on a common VLAN, all hosts are on VLAN 1.

So I enter;

set span 1 2/47 Overwrote Port 2/47 to monitor transmit/receive traffic of VLAN 1 Incoming Packets disabled. Learning enabled. (enable)

So the port is now listening but it disables incoming packets so I can not remotely connect to the host sniffing the network. Would I just be better off adding a 2nd NIC card and be down with it?

(enable) sh span

Destination : Port 2/47 Admin Source : VLAN 1 Oper Source : Port 2/1-12,2/14-29,2/31-38,2/43-46,2/48,3/19,3/47 Direction : transmit/receive Incoming Packets: disabled Learning : enabled Filter : - Status : active

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Total local span sessions: 1 (enable)

#switch port analyzer set span 1 2/47 both inpkts disable learning enable create

Thanks for the help...


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Chad Mahoney

Yes, thats normal SPAN behavior. You don't want remote access packets being mixed in with your monitored port data do you???

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