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Hi all,

I am building a network monitoring system using RTG (, which polls interfaces over SNMP, based on the interface index. Since interface numbers tend to change after reboots etc. on several Cisco devices / IOSes, data returned by the devices gets mixed in the database (ie. interfaces / results don't match anymore).

I'm looking into solving this problem. Having tested a 1721 (IOS

12.2(13)ZH5), I can say the command snmp-server ifindex persist works perfect - interface indexes actually persist after a cold boot and even after adding / removing WICs.

I must know on which devices / IOSes this command is available and is known to work properly, but testing everything by hand takes a lot of time and effort.

Does anybody have information or links to documentation on this subject?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Willem Vervuurt The Network Factory (The Netherlands)

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I know, really bad form to reply to one's self, but I have some more info. I am especially interested in ways to persist interface indexes on the following types of Cisco devices:

Cisco SOHO78 Cisco 1600R Cisco 1600 Cisco 3725 Cisco 7401 Catalyst 1924-A Catalyst 1924-EN Catalyst 2924XL Catalyst 2924M-XL ATM Module Catalyst 3508XL Catalyst 2940 Catalyst 2950 Catalyst 3550 Lighstream 1010

All other Cisco devices we use support the command 'snmp-server ifindex persist' - when using IOS 12.1(5)T and higher. These devices are:

Cisco 826 / Cisco 827 Cisco 828 Cisco 836 Cisco 837 Cisco 1700 Cisco 2600 Cisco 3640 Cisco 7200 Cisco 7500

Again, any input will be much appreciated!



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Hi Willem,

According to Cisco's website:

12.0(11)S This command was introduced.

12.1(5)T This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)T.

So I would assume that is in all high-number releases that have any snmp functionality. This is an assumption, however, YMMV.


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