setting default IOS system image

When i load the new IOS image thusly: conf t boot system flash:filename.bin

i can save, reload and then it will be loaded with a clean NVRAM. That's all well and good but next time i restart the router it goes back to the old IOS image which is still in the flash. Is there any way to tell the router to load from now on using only the specified image?

Thanks for your time :) Michael

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You could delete the Image you don't want, what type of router is it?

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Note that if you have multiple "boot system flash" commands in your configuration, they will be tried in sequence from the first one to the last one. So, if the "boot system flash" command for the new image is after the one for the old image, after a reboot the old one will get loaded. Do a "show run" to find out all the "boot system flash" commands you have. After that, remove the commands you don't need and make sure that the one for the image you want loaded is the first one in the list as shown in "show run".

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If you still have a 'boot' command for the old image which is still on the router then you add a new boot command for the new image, the router will boot from the first image as it will process the 'boot' commands in order.


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When configuration is empty, the router will boot first image that it can find. If you need specific image to be booted, you have to either make it the only image on the flash (delete all other) or use 'boot system' command.

Kind regards, iLya

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Charlie Root

Thanks for the prompt replies :) I'll just do "no boot system" on the old flash file if possible or delete it if not

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