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I have a 1720 router (frane relay) remotely. I want to upgrade the IOS using tftp, but I am wondering if it is a bad idea to do this via telnet to a remote router that I dont have physical access to?

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Provided you have enough flash, you can copy the new image into the router without disturbing anything.

For the experiments after that, "reload in 5 minutes" will *help*, but you'll want to find a way to boot an image other than the default image. [I'm relatively sure there is a way, but I haven't used IOS for a few years and am getting rusty on such details.]

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Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson schrieb:

... conf term boot system flash flash:c1720-your_NEW_imagename-12.4(13)T77.bin boot system flash flash:c1720-your_OLD_imagename-12.4(13)T77.bin exit

write mem

this way the router will attempt to boot the new image first. if it doesn't find it in flash, or if it finds that its corrupted, it will boot the old image.

regards ... rainer

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Rainer Temme

I'm thinking of the case where the newly booted test image renders the device up but unreachable (for whatever reason... e.g. different defaults). If one has written the new image into memory as the first image to try, then reboot would not fix the problem.

On the other hand, I cannot at the moment think of how to boot and inject a "reboot in N minutes" after the boot -- if one arms the reboot timer before booting to the test image, that boot action would cancel the reboot timer.

Can one put a "reboot in 10 minutes" into one's startup config perhaps? It isn't a configuration command, though...

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