Cisco 827-4V update Rommon and IOS HELP needed

Hi all,

I bought a used Cisco 827-4V for home use, just to try to play with IOS.

Unfortunately, I played too much and I have involuntary delete the flash with the IOS image 12.1.

I had, from a friend that has the same router, the IOS 12.2 (c820-v6y6-mz.122-13.T.bin), I have followed all the steps to upload via xmodem the firmware to router in Rommon and then used tftp to upload the IOS image to the Flash, everything went ok.

I have setup the startup-config with the "system boot flash c820-v6y6-mz.122-13.T.bin" but, unfortunately, when I try to reload I am back to Rommon mode again.

Somewhere I found I had to update the Rommon before upgrading to verision

12.2 from 12.1, so I have update Rommon with C820_RM_ALT.srec.122-4r.XM4.

Again, if I try to reload I am back in Rommon mode.

Please, Help me if you can!!

Thanks to all in advance, Francesco

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Francesco Benetti
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