Seting up a switch

Hi guys,

I have a Catalyst 2950 (24 port) that I want to use behind my ISA 2004 firewall.

I'm not sure what my topology should look like.

If I assign an IP to the switch won't that prevent my connection to the Internet from working ( I couldn't get it to work while plugged into the switch ).

For example if the IP of my switch is and my static Internet IP is 216.39.x.x my Internet IP won't route outside of the

192.x.x.x subnet.

I have a SBS 2003 server with 2 NICs, one for the Internet and one for the internal network.

So any ideas how I should set this up?


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First off, a 2950 switch is a pretty basic Layer-2 switch. You seem to think the switch will do something on the IP layer? The only reason it has an IP address is for management functions, so you can telnet to it to monitor/config it, or SNMP off of it, etc.

You'd hook it up like you'd think?

+-----------+ +------+

---------| SBS 2003 |---| 2950 | Ether in +-----------+ +------+

216.39.x.x | | | +--- Machine 1 +-------- Machine 2

What are you expecting from the switch other than hooking up machines on the ethernet?

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Doug McIntyre

I just need it to act like a dumb hub. I'm replacing a 5 port hub, I need more ports and I had this switch laying around so I thought I'd use it.

Thanks for the reply.

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If you just want the thing to act as a "dumb hub", you could erase the current config

switch# write erase

then reboot

terminate initial setup, then do the following

switch>enable switch#config terminal switch(config)#interface range fa0/1 - 24 switch(config-if-range)#switchport host switch(config-if-range)#end switch#write mem

"Switchport host" is a macro that enables portfast, sets the port to access mode and disables any channel-groups.

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Thanks for the reply..... I reset the switch per your instructions and everthing works as I want it to. Thanks a lot

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