Catalyst 2950 : which ip / port

I have a switch Catalyst 2950. Is there a way to know the ip address of the device connecting to a given port ?



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There is no direct way of showing which ip address is connected to a specific port. This is because switches use mac-addresses to differentiate traffic flows, not IP adresses. There are however some "tricks" you can try to figure out what ip is connected to which port. On the 2950 console, ping the broadcast address of your network to fill the switch's arp table, then query the mac-address table and correllate the arp and mac-address-tables to find out what IP address is connected to the port. This requires the switch to be in the same subnet as the connected devices though.

Otherwise, have a look at the nearest router to find the relation between ip-address and mac-address and look for the mac-address on the switch's mac-address table.


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Erik Tamminga

Thanks, Erik. This solution works.


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