serial number of installed gbic/sfp

hi guys...

is there any possibility to read the serial number of an installad gbic or sfp when connected to the machine via telnet/console?

thanks in advance...

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Nils Liebherr
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On 31.01.2006 14:06 Nils Liebherr wrote

Which OS/model are you using? On CatOS there is something like

CatOS844> (enable) sh sprom Usage: show sprom [sprom_num] [dump] show sprom sup [mod_num] [dump] show sprom earl [mod_num] [dump] show sprom chassis [dump] show sprom powersupply [dump] show sprom clock [dump] show sprom vtt [dump] show sprom fan [dump] show sprom [dump]

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Arnold Nipper

Arnold Nipper schrieb:

Both CatOS and IOS on various catalyst switches.

Thanks! Works with most gbics, only a few don't give me information. Any idea, why an "show ?" doesn't display that option?

And any possibility for IOS?

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