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I am new to PIX technology...we have stateful failover configured(515E)...recently the secondary PIX brokedown..and cisco has shippedpout a replacement unit...I would like to know as the minimum config I have to do to make it sync with the Primary PIX..Primary has Unrestricted and Secondary has Failover License...your help is appriciated.

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If you are using the failover cable:

Power on the secondary unit (with a clean configuration) and enable failover on the unit if it is not already enabled:

hostname(config)# failover

The active unit sends the configuration in running memory to the standby unit. As the configuration synchronizes, the messages "Beginning configuration replication: sending to mate" and "End Configuration Replication to mate" appear on the primary console.

Check your failover status:

hostname# show failover

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Scott Perry

hi Scott already given you answer but for more refrence you can check..

formatting link

Thanks.. CK

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