Rebuilding the secondary PIX


we have a stateful failover configured with PIX 515E, secondary PIX brokedown last week and we have a replacement box shiped out to us.

initially I thought it would be a PSU issue, replaced it, but no joy.

I would like to know if someone could tell me what all the initial configuration I need to do on the new box, so that I could make it sync with the Primary PIX unit.

any help would be appriciated!!

Thank You

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Plug in Pix connector cable. Wait.


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mike. buckley

what? you don't even have to give the secondary an ip adress on the failover interface? i doubt it.

i would:

- configure ip addresses on new device

- configure it as secondary (check license)

- check or upgrade to same version as primary

- export config from primary

- connect them with failover cable

- log in to primary - it should say: detected peer - synchronizing (or something to that effect)

- make sure primary is still primary

- add a test accesslist, do "write standby"

- no errors - good!

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ething to that effect)

Hello Mak

Thanks for the steps you 've given..waiting for the box to arrive today. I would follow them.

many thanks! cheers!

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From memory the secondary Pix takes its IPs from the primary config so no need to configure the interfaces at all - or if you do it will just overwrite them when it syncs over the serial cable.

Always worth checking you have a secondary license though :-) Nice bonus if they've sent you an unrestricted one.

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