Routing between VPN road warrior clients


A quick query about something that's causing a few problems at work.

We're using a Cisco router (IOS) so that people can connect to our network using the Cisco VPN client (on Windows).

Is it usually a problem to route between two hosts both connected using the Cisco VPN client?

It doesn't work here, and, from the research I've done, I suspect it's because the traffic from one VPN client arrives on the same interface that it needs to be routed onto.

But, I didn't find as much written about this as I would've expected if this was a common problem rather than just a problem with our specific network setup.

Any ideas, input, tips, etc ... much appreciated.

Cheers, David

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[via an IOS router]

That would be a problem for PIX 6, but is possible using IOS, I understand. But I've never had to configure it.

-possibly- the following document would be of use:

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Walter Roberson

Walter, thanks for the reply.

I'll have a read of that document you linked to, and keep investigating.

- David

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As others have said, this is a feature in the PIX, but on a router it should work. I'm fairly certain you would need to have something in the config to stop the traffic. How about a config?

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