Cisco 831 VPN Routing

Hi, I have such a network: --[ Cisco 831 Router A ]--Internal Network-- [] [ Cisco 831 Router B] ---- [ Firewall ] ---- [203.x.x.18 172.x.x.133] 172.x.x.134]

I set up a VPN link between Rouer A and Router B. From, I can ping 172.x.x.134 without any problem. I can also prove the traffic pass through VPN by using traceroute. I can also ping from to 172.x.x.133. However, when I try to ping from, it is never reachable. By using tcpdump, I can tell the traffic doesn't go through the VPN link. Rather, it goes through Internal Network, and never reach the firewall.

How can I route all traffic to through the VPN link, so that it can reach the firewall? Do I need to do something in Router A? Is VPN Routing and forwarding the way to go?

Thank you very much.


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