Tunneling VPN-Client through ASA


we have a Cisco ASA 5550 running Software Version 8.2(1)11. We have client computers with non-routed addresses. The ASA does NAT/PAT for these clients. We have one computer that has Cisco's VPN-client installed. This computer needs to establish a VPN-connection to a remote site (a Cisco concentrator 3030 over which we have no control). The problem: the tunnel is established, it is possible to send pings to other computers within the remote LAN but nothing else is working. E.g. although the remote WWW-server can be pinged, web-pages cannot be retrieved, DNS requests don't work and so on.

If we put the computer in a different network outside of our local LAN, but again through a NAT/PAT device, everything with the VPN connection in question is working fine.

On the other hand, VPN connections to other sites from within our LAN are running smoothly as well.

If we use a different computer with a different OS from withn our LAN the problem persists.

If we give the computer a routed address (no NAT/PAT anymore), the problem is gone.

Thus, it is something between our site and the remote site but it is Cisco ;-)

Any ideas what might be wrong here? Or how to analyze the problem further?

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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