Check Point VPN Routing with SecuRemote and WatchGuard

We have a number of business partners that have IPSec tunnels using CP firewalls to our clients WG firewalls. I've not worked with the "SecuRemote" client/tool, so I can't speak for it specifically.

Key things to remember: both networks need to have different subnets - you can not have on both sides.

In the WG, forming the tunnel is only part of the task, you need to create a rule that permits access from the remote network to the local network (best done as IP to IP to limit exposure).

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Does anyone know if the Check Point VPN routing feature works when the satellite is a WatchGuard and you are using SecuRemote to reach it?

The central firewall is a CPT and provides a remote access VPN for SR. The client should now get routed through a new VPN to the internal network behind the WatchGuard.


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