Routing between ethernet interfaces on 1605r

I am just wanting to configure a simple Lan to Lan router. I bought the

1605r because it was the cheapest on ebay. I am beginning to wonder if I should have bought a different router.

I have two networks that I want to be able to connect to each other. I don't need to get them to the internet I have an ISA box that does that. I would like to have the on ethernet 0 and on ethernet 1.

Running the QuickStart allows me to configure the appropriate IP's on each interface, but I think it does not enable IP routing between. I have just started playing with this today, here is the output of the show configuration command:

Using 756 out of 7506 bytes ! version 12.0 service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime service password-encryption ! hostname 1605r-w2 ! enable secret ! username 1605r-w2 password ip subnet-zero no ip source-route ! ! ! interface Ethernet0 ip address no ip directed-broadcast no ip proxy-arp ip rip send version 1 2 ip rip receive version 1 2 ! interface Ethernet1 ip address no ip directed-broadcast no ip proxy-arp ip rip send version 1 2 ip rip receive version 1 2 ! router rip network network ! ip classless ! ! line con 0 exec-timeout 120 0 transport input none line vty 0 4 exec-timeout 0 0 login local ! end

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Jeff Patton
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Hi Jeff,

You may wish to investigate Cisco 1600 Series Router Documentation:

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Routing "between" the interfaces on the router is automatic once the interfaces have an address and are in the up/up state.

How are the hosts on the two networks configured?

Assume the ISA box is on and it isn't running RIP.

The hosts on the network need a default gateway of

If you want all your hosts to have internet access the router needs a default route pointing at the ISA box.

! ip route !

The ISA box also needs a specific route for the local network it isn't connected to.

route add mask

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