Setup DHCP - Help please !

Firstly, Im new to all this !

I just got my cisco lab consisting of:-

1 * Cisco 1605 router with WIC1T installed 1 * Cisco 1601 Router 1 * Cisco 2908XL Switch

I got the 1605 as it has 2 ethernet ports, as I plan to run my dsl through it. I have no Idea what the best way of getting all this working is. I figured that getting dhcp on interface ethernet1 on the

1605 would be a good place to start. DSL would be on ether0 from my modem.

I have the 1605 connected to the one of the ports on the switch and my laptop in a different port on the switch. Im not getting any kind of dhcp and cant even ping the router when I manually set the ip on the laptop to the next ip above the routers.

Here is my config:-

cisco1605#sh conf Using 1086 out of 7506 bytes ! version 12.2 service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime no service password-encryption ! hostname cisco1605 ! enable secret 5 $1$l7iK$k2pWJZE0tCVCzTVlvYsDi1 ! ip subnet-zero no ip domain-lookup no ip dhcp conflict logging ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool home network domain-name dns-server default-router lease 7 ! ! ! ! interface Ethernet0 description connected to Internet ip address shutdown ! interface Ethernet1 description connected to EthernetLAN ip address ! interface Serial0 description connected to Router ip address encapsulation ppp ! router rip version 2 passive-interface Ethernet0 network network no auto-summary ! ip classless ip route Ethernet0 no ip http server ! snmp-server community public RO ! line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0

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Read further down in this newsgroup, I dont remember where I saw it but someone mentions and ip address helper command that helped pass ip addresses from your router.

However, I would use static addressing if it is only one workstation as most labs have you setup the routers and the workstations with static addresses to run. It is also good practice to know static addressing.


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Thanks for your help, I did find the problem in the end. I needed a x over cable from my router to my switch. I spent all day trying to get this working and now its done!

I have several computers at home some which will be dhcp and some that wont. Thats the idea anyway.

Cheers for your help !

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