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Hello, First (to cover my self from flaming), I have googled, and googled, and googled some more on this - and most results are fron 1997-2000

--well, the routing table has changed in the past 6+ years!

Right now we have a 3640 router - it works, but it needs to go. We are upgrading to two Ethernet providers (100Mbps max from each, but we are only buying 15Mbps) - may expand to three providers...

What good is two-three providers if you don't have a good routing protocol? So, we need a router that can handle 2-3 FULL BGP-4 routes.

My boss is a bit hesitent in buying a brand new router - so he requested I take a look at some used routers. So, I see the 7206VXR, the 7507, Foundry NetIron *, and ?

The 7206VXR would need a fair NPE, like a 400 or G1 - the G1 is costly, so...

The 7507 may be "big" (heck I am okay with the 7513) - rack space is not an issue... But I am worried about how cheap they are... Also, say you have a RSP4 or two RSP4 - you can use a VIP2-50 with a RSP4, right? Or do you use VIP2-50's with a RSP2 and use VIP4-50s with RSP4s? The docs aren't 100% clear on that...

NetIron - I have heard good and bad ... a bit scared - but really any Layer-3 switch that can handle what we want is

I do not care what brand - as long as it works well and is fair priced. Juniper looks awesome! But is a bit $$$ for my boss...

I know someone may suggest Linux/OpenBSD - well, thought about it - but how they process packets is not 100% optimal...

Thank you, Scott Brown

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Take a look at Cisco 7304

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7200 router with 256MB RAM will have only some 6MB free memory after setting up single full-bgp session with 'soft-reconfiguration inbound'. If I remember correct you can't put more than 256MB on the line cards of 7500 router, so if you buy one now you may have to replace it quite soon. At 15Mbps of traffic you should be ok with 7200 and NPE-300, though you can get them only used now and I don't remember when is End-of-Support for them.

For your requirements Cisco 3825 or 3845 both look like possible options, don't forget upgrade RAM to 512MB. The only problem with them is that they're quite new, so software choice is not as flexible as for 7200 series.

Kind regards, iLya

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