BGP next-hop-self


I hava a question about BGP next-hop-self. There is a topology below.

R1------------R2--------------R3 (AS100) (AS100) (AS200)

R1 and R2 have AS100 , R3 has AS200. R1,R2 and R3 interfaces are set in OSPF. are not in OSPF, but those are advertised from R3 in BGP.

R1 can see in BGP but R1 cannot ping those.

next, "neighbor R1 next-hop-self" is set on R2, R1 can ping those.

I think that next-hop-self is no need since R1 can see those routes.

Please anyone can say the advise if i mistake something about it.


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1) R1 needs a valid route to the next-hop-address, and 2) because,, and are not in R1's OSPF, R1 requires the command "no synch" under bgp.
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