I'd like to use QoS Diffserv on a 1812 connected to the internet via ADSL. the DSL link is plugged into the FE0 interface. I wanted to limit the upload speed on the interface to match the DSL line upload, which is 384. After limiting the bandwith I set up QoS rules.

What do you guys think about this solution?

class-map match-any VOICE_CONTROL match ip dscp af31 class-map match-any LIMIT match any class-map match-any VOICE match ip dscp ef class-map match-any default ! ! policy-map SIP class VOICE priority percent 20 class VOICE_CONTROL bandwidth percent 2 policy-map LIMIT class class-default bandwidth 384 policy-map QUEUE class LIMIT class class-default service-policy LIMIT

Thanks, Alex

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Alex Turtois
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Hello Alex,

You don't really need this class.

It's good idea to explicitly add 'class-default' here.

This as such won't limit anything - it's just buffer size, but it won't be used unless TX-ring of your FE0 is full. For limiting traffic you need to use 'shape' command.

That policy-map does nothing. If you want to limit overall throughput to

384Kbps and then within this bandwidth to allocate different percentage to different classes (from your SIP policy-map), then following will do the job:

! policy-map LIMIT class-default shape average 384000 service-policy SIP !

So, for building hierarchical service policy you use shape (or police) in the top-level (parent) policy, then you apply queuing policy as child.

Have a look at

formatting link

Kind regards, iLya

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Charlie Root

Thanks much, iLya,

This is exaclty what I want to do.


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Alex Turtois

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