My first cisco router

Hello. I've never owned any cisco products, aside from the usual linksys gear and will be purchasing a 2507 router. Where should I start? I purchased a beginners guide to cisco from amazon but also feel that a good newsgroup community could also help. Does anyone have any advice?

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The two biggest recommendations are google, and practice. At my job now I went from kinda/sorta knowing cisco to being the primary administrator of a 3 site inter-vpn connected sollution. It will take some heavy google searching, but you should be able to find the manual for the IOS (the software that runs inside a cisco router). If you get to that section you will find a ton of documentation straight from cisco.

Another big recommendation is when configuring the router, first write out the statements in your favorite text editor like note pad. Also getting in the habit of backup your current config ever so often would e beneficial. I will have serveral windows open when I do configurations: a text file of what commands I need to pass it, print the running config to screen (`sh config` or `sh running-config`, etc) and copy that into another window. Then if you make a big change, and it's working, do another backup of config. Don't wait till you exit, do a `wr t` (write terminal) whenever you change things and it works. At the very least if something breaks you can relaod the back up copy you have.

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