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I am studying for the BSCI and i am wondering if BGP will run on a Cisco 1700 series router with IOS version c1710-k9o3sy-mz.123-9.bin. The reason that i ask is that i am having a hard time getting the router synchronization working and everything looks correct. Thanks for your help if you can lend it.

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The decode is

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c1710 - 1700 image k9 - 3DES o3 - Firewall/IDS s - Plus y - low end routing (poss no BGP) mz - runs from memory, zipped.

123-9 - 12.3(9)

Do you have access to the software advisor? The decode should let you look up the features in the SW. The question I will leave you with is that there are two contradictory letters there - y and s - restricted and plus. Which "wins" as it it probably between these two if BGP is in or not...

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