Switch between dialer interfaces/configs in a router ?

I have an 871W router with a separate ADSL modem.

It has a FA 1 as a trunk to the LAN (which operates in vlan 10) VLAN 10 declaring itself as part of bridge-group 10 BVI 10 with the IP address of the router "Dialer 1" interface with dialer pool 1 FA 4 interface with dial pool number 1

The dialer 1 interface has the PPPoE credentials.

My ISP is deploying MLPPP (in test/beta mode with bugs). I would be using a single link MLPPP. (this bypasses the telco's throttling equipment since the IP packet is offset by a couple of bytes)

Is it possible to have a "test" dialer interface with different credentials and the ppp multilink commands to get MLPPP, and quickly/easily switch from the "production" PPPoE dialer to the test MLPPP Dialer configs ?

There are routing and IP NAT entries which specify "Dialer 1", so creating Dialer 2 with the new config might work to establish the link, but wouldn't work for NAT/routing.

Is the only way to write some script that will "manually" modify the dialer 1 interface from one config to the next ?

Is there a command that will completely zap "Dialer 1" so I can re-enter a config without fear of leftovers from the previous one, or must I negate every command that setup the previous config before entering the new config ?

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JF Mezei
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no int di 1

Poof!, she is gone.

conf t ! first obvoiusly.

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Thanks !

Will the "no int fa 4" also work for a "real" ethernet interface ? (reset the interface to default config). or does the No Interface work only for virtual ones ?

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JF Mezei

I think that does not really work. When you create it again, some old config may come back. Can be avoided by saving the config and reloading the router first.

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You cannot remove a REAL interface (unless it is a piece of H/W that can be removed), only a VIRTUAL interface, However you CAN set an interface back to its default values with - default int fa4


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I have not noticed that, but then I have rarely removed a dialer, probably only because I preferred 0 over 1, or is it the other way round?

I do recall reading about weird magically restoring confg somewhere but I can't recall any details - at all.

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