IOS 15.0 why?

Is it really true, that Cisco marking people choosed to skip the major versions 13.* and 14.* due to the bad faith of 13 in Europe and 14 in Asia?

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Lutz Donnerhacke
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Yes - the next version is 15. No idea about why they skipped 13 & 14.

maybe someone at Cisco figured out they are unlikely to run out of numbers?

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Really! I saw the original post but did not really believe it.

Assuming that it is true -

It does irritate me a little that they have apparently pandered to such whaco ideas, but on the other hand it clearly does no harm in and of itself. If it makes some people happy why not?

If it turns out to be true they will go down a notch in my in my view.

Maybe on day soon the kit will come with a compass on the top to aid in the correct alignment with ley lines, or the zodiac.

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bod43 schrieb:

Marketing blahblah...

The best: IOS 15.0M now has an "extended" maintenance for 44 month. If I still remember IOS 12.4(1) appeared in early May 2005, about 54 months ago, and I didn't saw an EoS notice by now, so it will live at least for 60 month.

Featuresets like Advipservices, WebVPN or IPS signatures are licensed to urge money contineous out of customers. First for DRAM and flash upgrades and then for IPS signatures...

My suggestion to Cisco: Pay for every Traceback Cisco prices and get

3com quality.
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Uli Link

I suspect it's more to avoid confusion with 12.3 and 12.4. 12.x has been the latest IOS for so long, it'd not be hard for focus groups to at first glance thing that IOS 13.0 might be older than 12.4.0. by moving from 12.4 to 15 you skip that problem.

As for the triskaidekaphobia, in the West it isn't all that widespread, not enough to impact sales, but in many Asian locales superstitions is taken seriously enough that you simply won't sell quite as much. While Demon Internet did good business with nameservers and helpdesk phone numbers with 666 in them, you probably wouldn't get a decent market share in the American Deep South with that either.


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