Counting usage

I have an 871W router.

Government has approved a scheme where the local imcumbents get to dicate rates and download limits on their competitors.

This is a PPPoE service.

So I want to be monitoring my usage to ensure I don't go over those limits (after which punitive pricing kicks in).

I have the following setup:

dialer 1 -> virtual Access 1 -> Fast Ethernet 4

[ethernet] [FA 0/20 - 2924switch - FA 0/23] [ethernet] [adsl modem]

At the switch, and the router's ethernet port level, is it correct to state that the byte counts on FA interfaces includes the 18 bytes of ethernet packet header ?

For the dialer 1 and virtual access interfaces, what do the byte counts represent ? Do they include the PPPoE header ?

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JF Mezei
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