PPPoE tracing/debugging on 871W

This is on a 871w router. Version 12.4(15)T9, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc5), nd
an external ADSL router to a PPPoE based ISP.
While PPPoE was having problems getting connected to the ISP:
I tried the following:
router2#show debug
PPPoE protocol events debugging is on
PPPoE elog debugging is on
PPP authentication debugging is on
PPP protocol negotiation debugging is on
However, the information being produced lacked some information such as
the name of the BAS/BRAS at the other end of the DSL line. It does show
its ethernet address though.
Also, once the session has been established:
router2#show pppoe session all
Total PPPoE sessions 1
session id: 7425
local MAC address: 0026.0b6b.7e4d, remote MAC address: 0090.1aa0.a25b
virtual access interface: Vi1, outgoing interface: Fa4
38060819 packets sent, 40504811 received
23822114668 bytes sent, 36994062836 received
Again, it doesn't give me the name of the BAS/BRAS to which I am pasing
through, only its ethernet address. (0090 is a juniper box which Bell
Canada uses as BAS/BRAS).
When a link is having difficulty being established, what are the
recommended commands to log the effort with more detail ?
I tried the debug pppoe packets, but it only shows the first few bytes
of packets, so I guess the name of the BAS/BRAS gets snipped out instead
of being printed.
Is there some command to get those debug commands to format the full
packets ?
Or must I use wireshark to get to the information my el-cheapo old
Netgear RT314 was able to give me ?
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JF Mezei
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Hey JF,
I'm not sure that the name of your BRAS is needed to establish a PPPoX session, however if you look into 'deb ppp authe', you might get lucky if your ISP is doing CHAP authentication, and using the node's hostname for a challenge.
You can also do a 'deb pppoe pac' iirc, that should give you raw PPPoE packets to the console.
HTH /Ruairi
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Ruairi Carroll
It isn't "needed". But when problems arise, it is a useful piece of information to give to the ISP so they can call up the telco and ask if there is something wronfg with sucbh and such BRAS box. (or to track down which L2TP link should be carrying my packets from the BRAS to the ISP etc.
I tried it, and it appears to only show the first few bytes of a packet. Does anyone have information that confirms this and whether there is a way to have debuf pppoe packets show the full packet ?
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JF Mezei

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