QoS w/ Citrix


I've been having some trouble trying to set up some level of QoS/Priorities for a customer's Citrix connection.

I tried using either custom queues and priority lists to reserver something like 50% of the bandwidth (ADSL connection) for ICA communication (TCP 1494). Anyway, as soon as some regular TCP connections (like e.g. a larger outgoing mail) uses up bandwidth, ICA sessions slow to a crawl ...

The two things I've tried to date are:

queue-list 1 protocol ip 1 tcp 1494 queue-list 1 protocol ip 2 tcp lpd queue-list 1 default 3 queue-list 1 queue 1 byte-count 3000 queue-list 1 queue 2 byte-count 1501 queue-list 1 queue 3 byte-count 500 limit 5


priority-list 1 protocol ip high list 102 priority-list 1 protocol ip medium list 103 priority-list 1 protocol ip low list 104 priority-list 1 queue-limit 40 40 60 80

(together with the appropriate command to use it in the dialer interface)

Any ideas?

Help appreciated,


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Cisco Fan
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Cisco Fan

When I was trying to do some QoS on pppoe or pppoa, it didn't work at all. TAC said that it *will* work in future.

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Ivan Ostres

Just apply on ouside interface rate-limiting by access-list for incoming MAIL trafic. This is the only way.

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