trying to set up some old x10 units -- having some problems

Sorry for being vague, I'll try to be brief. We installed some X10 wall modules several years ago and promptly didn't use the system :-). Anyway, we want to get them working now so that we can have them timed on/off.

Here's what I did -- ("*****" denotes errors/weird things happening :-)

- 3 wall modules (I2, I3, I4)

- 1 lamp module (I5)

- attached computer interface CM-11A to computer, plugged into socket

- ActiveHome software installed, added each of those modules.

- tested lamp module. Worked ok.

- tested wall module I2 - ok

- tested wall module I3 - ok

- tested wall module I4 - nothing happened *****

- switched wall module I4 to A1

- tested again, nothing happened

- plugged in RR501 Transceiver, set to housecode A

- tested again, nothing happened except the transceiver turned off/on (could hear the "CLICK!") *****

- put A1 back to I4

- put transceiver to housecode I

- tested again, nothing happened and the transceiver *didn't* turn off/ on *****

- checked electrical panel: I4 is on a different circuit than I2 and I3, but on the same phase I believe (24 breakers, 1-12 on top, 13-24 on bottom, I2/I3 on 14, I4 on 24.

- plugged I5 into a plug on same circuit as I4.

- tested I5 -- NOTHING HAPPENED. *****

My son says we had a small device that used to plug into the serial port (I can't find that).

Am I missing something that needs to be added to the system, or is there something else I should be checking/doing to make this thing work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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When you tested the RR501 on A, did you test using the CM11A or with a remote. The relay (i.e. the "click") can be operated by RF directly so you need to be clear about the type of signal.

If I4 is >Sorry for being vague, I'll try to be brief. We installed some X10

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