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Is anyone can show me how should look QoS setting to slow down traffic to given speed on some desierd port like 4661 when there is traffic on other port like 5060 ?

If traffic.port.5060 == 1 then bandwidth.port.4661 512kbps

I know how to use access list, but I don't know how to setup this QoS and put it in queue. Of course I use Cisco routers.

Thanks Pawel Rutkowski

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Pawe³ Rutkowski
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Configuring QoS is dependent on the platform you are using and what you are trying to do sounds simple, but there are many different ways you can do this. I think what you want to do is setup multiple classes where you want to police traffic to port 4661 to 512k, but only if the line is congested. You need to do some research on QoS to figure out what you really want. Should traffic for port 4661 be policed if there is traffic to ports other than 5060? Should the other traffic be rate-limited behind port 5060?

These links should help you get started.

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