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Hello, I created a VPN Tunnel between a concentrator 3005 and PIX 501. I can't get the pix to syslog to a syslog server behind the concentrator through the VPN tunnel. The syslog server is logging events on the concentrator. The tunnel is up and hosts behind the PIX can ping hosts behind the concentrator. Here is my syslog configuration on the pix: access-list vpn permit ip access-list vpn permit ip host (local syslog ip) host nat (inside) 0 access-list vpn logging on logging trap debugging logging facility 20

snmp-server snmp-server enable traps

I tried both logging configs logging host outside snmp-server host outside and logging host inside snmp-server host inside

I also changed the logging host and snmp to the inside interface of the concentrator and cannot get the logging information

please help thanks

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Given that you have the latest PIX 501 software, try configuring

management-access inside

on the PIX 501

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f the above works it should also address your SNMP issue

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