SNMP OID for Bandwidth Usage

I am trying to monitor near-live bandwidth usage on a few PIX 501's and

515s with nagios. I found some plugins that will work for cisco equipment and modified them slightly for the pixes but I can't seem to get the bandwidth monitor functioning. I've been sifting through snmp for the last hour looking in the 501 and 515 for this but can't find it. Got it working on an ISR though no problem.

IE w/ISR: Status is OK - FastEthernet0/1 (ethernet) - Current: 658 Kbps, Limit: 100 Mbps, MTU: 1500, Last change: 22.92 seconds, STATS:(in errors: 12, out errors: 0, queue length: 0)

IE w/PIX: Status is OK - PIX Firewall 'inside' interface (ethernet) - Current: N/A, Limit: 100 Mbps, MTU: 1500, Last change: 0.00 seconds, STATS:(in errors: 3842, out errors: 0, queue length: 0)

The major thing here is the "Current: N/A" with the bandwidth reading on the PIX. I have MRTG running on these PIXs and I can get a 'current' reading there. I'm assuming there is some math trickery there which may work with a nagios command script but I don't know. Anyway, if there is an oid for this that would solve the problem.

Thanks, Adam

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I am not that familiar with Pix and not at all with nagios however I would expect that the Pix had the standard Interface MIBs. e.g. . .

Poll these, do the maths (or let your application do it for you:-)

BTW "in errors: 3842" does not look very good. These days it is pretty much always a duplex error although of course there may have been billions of packets through this interface and the error rate may be actually very low.

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