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Cannot select private keyType help or '?' for a list of available commands.

I've upgraded PIX OS to 6.3, then added 50 user license with activation key from 6.2 OS & get the above message. I know I have to get the activation key regenerated & applied, but my question is will all encryption services not work (ie. PPTP) until proper activation key is loaded.

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As best I understand PPTP (not particularily well), it does not depend upon the encryption settings. But L2TP over IPSec could, and of course IPSec does.

It is not uncommon that when you file the upgrade request to go 50 user starting from a 3DES key that the automated system misses the 3DES authorization and hands you back a 50 user non-3DES key. You then just send the information to snipped-for-privacy@cisco.com and within a couple of hours they send you back the right key.

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