Newbie Noob questions? Please help 2516

Hi, new to community i did some searching and dont seem to find the answers to my questions.

Background info.

Bought 2 cisco 2516 routers off ebay. Nothing was in the boxes other then the routers them selves.

So first assuming they work as advertised how do i get in to set them up? Do i need special software to manage them? I read on the web that the console cable is a roll over for these which is easy enough to make. But my question is can i telnet to them via my nic card? If i make my own console cable do is the roll over to the pin outs the same as if i went from rj45 to rj45 in a rj45 to db9 meaning

1-8 rj45 = 8-1 db9?

My basic reason for buying these was to learn long term + possible resale since it was apparent the person selling them probably didnt know what they had and had no way of finding out. I have the determination to find out one way or another but was hoping for some help.


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I don't know if any of the graphical setup utilities go back that many models. It might be command-line only.

You can't telnet to them until after you have configured them enough to get an IP address onto an interface. You will need to use a serial connection to the console to get that far.


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1-8 -> db9 8 6 2 5 5 3 4 7

Potential resale value? Oh my, you are an optimist! 2516's are selling for about $US30 each on ebay these days.

Did you realize when you bought via ebay that you did NOT get the right to run the software? I don't know what exactly was advertisted for you, but if it didn't say that it included any software then you essentially have no legal way of getting that software at this point -- cisco will NOT sell it to you (it is off of their sales books because it is so old.) And if it did say it included the software then your statement that "the person selling them probably didn't know what they had" makes it seem very likely to me that that person was not one of the very few firms authorized to sell used cisco equipment -with- software.

What you did was more or less the equivilent of buying the shell of an 8-track tape -- one which might not have any actual tape in it or might have a badly mangled or worn tape in it, but in any case you didn't get the legal right to play the tape itself even if it was there.

Let me repeat: Cisco will NOT give you or sell you the software for the 2516 and will NOT allow you to put it under any support contract.

The 2516 was introduced in the first part of 1995. You can get $US40 devices with far far far more capabilities (but admittedly those devices probably won't have a BRI interface.)

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Walter Roberson

You may wish to investigate Cisco 2500 Documentation:

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As well as Cisco Software Relicensing For Used Cisco Units:

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