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I've been having trouble connecting to a router I recently purchased on ebay. I tried the db9 to rj45 in the aux port, and console port. Tried the rollover cable in the console port and aux port. Using hyper-terminal set com 1 to 8, none, 1, and no hardware flow control. Can't figure out what is wrong. When I boot the router I get the power light, but the activity light stays off. I am new to this and would appreciate any basic instructions to get me started. I checked the cisco site and followed their directions and still no go. Its a cisco 2621 router.


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Mark Simmons
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Hi Mark

In the default state you should connect a rollover serial cable from your PC to the console port (DB9-RJ45).

Also using Hyperterminal the settings by default are 8bit 1 stop-bit no parity.

Your post states that you have tried this with no luck, so either you have a faulty router, a faulty cable/serial port on your PC or the settings on the router have been changed on the router from there default.

To localise the problem is a matter of elimination. Have you ever used the PC's serial port with another device. Have you used the roll over cable with another Cisco router/switch.

You said the router was purchased on Ebay. Was any printouts advertised to indicate that the router was operational. Does any of these printouts indicate the settings of the console port.

If you feel the PC's Serial Interface and cable are ok you could try other speeds than 9600 (few people change the other attributes on the router).

It is possible though that the router is fully functional and that you will need to use a recovery proccess to get into the router due to non default config on the router. Search for the Password recovery process for your model on for instructions. Please note though that on XP with hyper Terminal the Break Sequence does not work and a hack is required. The hack is something like, set Hyper terminal to 115000 and power off/on router, within a given time (possibly 30 secs) hold down space bar for 15 seconds. The router will then go into ROMMON mode, (simular to BIOS settings on PC but far less functionality) You may not tell this has happened though as you will then need to reconfigure Hyperterminal back to 9600 and hit return a couple of times before you get a readable display.

The actual procedure is on but I haven't used it for a while and was fairly hard to find so keep persevering.



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