My Cisco Catalyst 3500 XL Switch is Dead ?!!

Hey Everyone

I got these POST FAILURE since this morning.... anyone knows if my switch is dead ?... :(


==================================================================== Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) C3500XL Software (C3500XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5.4)WC(1), MAINTENANCE INTERIM SOFTWARE Copyright (c) 1986-2001 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Tue 10-Jul-01 12:32 by devgoyal Image text-base: 0x00003000, data-base:


Initializing C3500XL flash... flashfs[1]: 164 files, 2 directories flashfs[1]: 0 orphaned files, 0 orphaned directories flashfs[1]: Total bytes: 3612672 flashfs[1]: Bytes used: 3132928 flashfs[1]: Bytes available: 479744 flashfs[1]: flashfs fsck took 5 seconds. flashfs[1]: Initialization complete. ...done Initializing C3500XL flash. C3500XL POST: System Board Test: Passed C3500XL POST: Daughter Card Test: Passed C3500XL POST: CPU Buffer Test: Passed C3500XL POST: CPU Notify RAM Test: Passed C3500XL POST: CPU Interface Test: Passed C3500XL POST: Testing Switch Core: Passed Error with Switch Core BIST test Phase

  1. Returns: Test Complete Low : 0x077773FF, Test Complete High :
0x37777372 Test Phase Low : 0x00000008, Test Phase High : 0x00000000 Test Phase Third : 0x00000000, Test Complete Third : 0x00000060

C3500XL POST FAILURE: Testing Switch Core: Failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: Testing Buffer Table: Failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: Data Buffer Test: Failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: Configuring Switch Parameters: Failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: Switch Core BIST faile C3500XL POST FAILURE: Cannot test Modules due to failure of Switch Core POST Del Mar Failure (0th Del Mar): req system failed to init C3500XL POST FAILURE: C3500XL POST FAILURE: ATM: required system failed to init C3500XL POST: Ethernet Controller Test: Passed C3500XL POST FAILURE: MII Test: Failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: Error waiting for Ethernet Controller and SW_PARAMS C3500XL POST FAILURE: Initialization/POST failed C3500XL POST FAILURE: AT: Failing because system POST failed Exception (8192)! Debug Exception (Could be NULL pointer dereference) CPU Register Context: Vector = 0x00002000 PC = 0x000EEDE8 MSR = 0x00029200 CR =

0x22000024 LR = 0x000F203C CTR = 0x001D6D14 XER = 0x20000000 R0 = 0x00000000 R1 = 0x004B5558 R2 = 0x00000000 R3 = 0x00000000 R4 = 0x00000001 R5 = 0x00000000 R6 = 0x004B56F0 R7 = 0x004B56F0 R8 = 0x00000008 R9 = 0x00000000 R10 = 0x0000FFFF R11 = 0x00450000 R12 = 0x42000024 R13 = 0x00000000 R14 = 0x00000000 R15 = 0x00000000 R16 = 0x00000000 R17 = 0x00000000 R18 = 0x00000000 R19 = 0x00000000 R20 = 0x00000000 R21 = 0x00000000 R22 = 0x00000000 R23 = 0x00000000 R24 = 0x00000000 R25 = 0x00000020 R26 = 0x004B56F0 R27 = 0x004B56F0 R28 = 0x00000020 R29 = 0x00002513 R30 = 0x00000001 R31 = 0x00000000

Stack trace: PC = 0x000EEDE8, SP = 0x004B5558 Frame 00: SP = 0x004B5578 PC =

0x40000016 Frame 01: SP = 0x004B55F0 PC = 0x000F203C Frame 02: SP = 0x004B5680 PC = 0x000F2D0C Frame 03: SP = 0x004B56A0 PC = 0x000E39DC Frame 04: SP = 0x004B56C8 PC = 0x001ED628 Frame 05: SP = 0x004B56E8 PC = 0x001ED724 Frame 06: SP = 0x004B5720 PC = 0x002352D0 Frame 07: SP = 0x004B5728 PC = 0x002344CC Frame 08: SP = 0x004B57A0 PC = 0x00234718 Frame 09: SP = 0x004B57B8 PC = 0x0027A03C Frame 10: SP = 0x004B57C0 PC = 0x001DC1A0 Frame 11: SP = 0x004B57E0 PC = 0x001DC250 Frame 12: SP = 0x004B57F8 PC = 0x00147504 Frame 13: SP = 0x004B58A0 PC = 0x00147680 Frame 14: SP = 0x00000000 PC = 0x001E3D7C


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Looks that way. Pull a show tech and open a ticket w/ Cisco (presuming you have a contract).

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This switch is sinds june this year end of life. That means opening en ticked will not help. Purchase new hardware 3560 or 3750 will

Greets Marc

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