2900 XL-EN vs 3500 XL-EN

Due to lightning, I am looking at a replacement for a 2924 XL-EN switch.

If I were to get a 3525 XL -EN switch, is this just a more recent version of the 2924 with , I assume, a faster processor ? ( the 3500 went out of sale in 2003 a couple years after 2900 series)

Are there features I would lose by going from 2900 to 3500 series switch?

Would I be able to just drop my config.text file into the 3500 and be up and running ?

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JF Mezei
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Hmm, I seem to remember the 3524XL being out about the same time the 2924XL was out. Although the 2924 (non XL) was out earlier..

You won't get a faster processor. The only difference between the two? The 3524 has two GBIC slots on it. Otherwise, its identical.

No, its the same.

Sure, and your vlan.dat file too if you have any VLANs setup. Otherwise, if you don't have that file backed up, you'll have to do all that by hand again, or suck it down via VTP. Thanks cisco for making that alot better in later switch hardware.

You'll gain GigabitEthernet 0/1 and GigabitEthernet 0/2 ports for your config, but everything else will be identical, assuming you load simular enough versions of IOS on it.

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Doug McIntyre

Thanks for your quick reply.

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JF Mezei

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