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Hi all,

First question : For the Catalyst 6500, what is the role of the module "Supervisor Engine

720" please ?

is it like the mother card of desktop ? which provide memory, processor, ios, bus, network port, console port... etc ?

So, what is the real role of this module and is it mandatory for the switch ?

2e question : is it possible to buy one catalyst 6509 and later transform it to 6509 or 6513 ?

Thank You very much for your help !!!

Best Regards Rahan

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The supervisor engine is what holds the processor for the switch. It is responsible for handling routing protocols and also the configuration for the switch. It is a necessary component. 6509 defines the chassis type. Basically its a 6500 with 9 slots. The chassis can't be modified or upgraded later.



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Thanks a lot for your quick answer !!!

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The 4503 with Supervisor II-Plus-TS is the only 4000, 4500, 5000,

5500, or 6500 switch that I can think of which -cannot- be upgraded by removing the boards from the old chassis and installing in the next size up in the same line. (And that's because the 4503 is a fixed configuration switch, not a modular.) I am certainly not a Catalyst line guru, but as far as I -know-, there is no reason one could not replace a 6509 chassis with a 6513 chassis keeping the same boards (though it might need a larger power supply.)
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