Cisco 6509, check up configuration


one question concerning to the Cisco Layer 3 switch 6509.

We do not have the rights to perform the command "show configuration" or other commands to overview the configuration on the "Layer 2 module".

Is there any hidden possibility to get the configuration with streamlined rights at this type of Cisco switch on this layer??



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What you mean under definitions "Layer 3 switch" and @Layer 2 module"? Do you have your Catalyst 6500 Supervisor module in the Native mode (you have only IOS commands when connected to the console) or you have it in Hybrid mode (you have CatOS commands when connected to the Console port, and you have to do "session 15" to connect to MSFC module)?

If you have your switch in Native mode, then there is no separate configuration for "Layer 2" versus "Layer 3", all commands are mixed together. You have to look in the Configuration Guides and Commands References, what one or another command does. However if you have your switch in Hybrid mode, your Supervisor module has all Layer2 configuration, and your MSFC holds all Layer3 configuration.

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This is our constellation. Unfortunately we do not have all rights to administrate this type of switches. Because of this I wanted to know if there is any hidden way to get the configuration...

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