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First question : For the Catalyst 6500, what is the role of the module "Supervisor Engine

720" please ?

is it like the mother card of desktop ? which provide memory, processor, ios, bus, network port, console port... etc ?

So, what is the real role of this module and is it mandatory for the switch ?

2e question : is it possible to buy one catalyst 6509 and later transform it to 6509 or 6513 ?

Thank You very much for your help !!!

Best Regards Rahan

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  1. 6509 or 6513 refers to the chassis - basket where you insert your cards. Without Supervisor module and interface cards it's just a "space eater".

  1. Supervisor card is "the brain" of the switch. Sup720 is just one model of Catalyst 6500 Supervisor modules. Without it the switch is just a piece of metal.

  2. If you bought Sup2 or Sup720 module, you stuck with it. If you want to "transform" it to something else, you throw the controller away (actually, you may sell it for fraction of price), and buy another one.

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The superivsor module contaiuns the route processor (RP) and switch processor (SP), contains the nvram, flash and removable card memory. There is a physical backpland in the chassis but the sup module is the smarts.

The chassis is a fixed size ... 65xx ... "xx" refers to the number of module slots.


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