Removing old module config / Catalyst 6509


We have recently added and the removed a 16 port GBIC blade into a Catalyst 6509.

Even though the card is no longer present in the system the interfaces are still visible in the config. I presume this is in case the card is ever returned to the system.

My question is how can I remove this unnecessary config? The card is no longer displayed under "show module" but is still there under "show run"...

! interface GigabitEthernet3/1 no ip address shutdown ! interface GigabitEthernet3/2 no ip address shutdown ! interface GigabitEthernet3/3 no ip address shutdown

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(config)# no interface range Gi3/1 Gi3/16 ?



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Frank Winkler

AFAIK the only way to get rid of that config now (in native IOS) is inserting another module in that slot or a reload. For now I suggest you just do a "default interface gi /1 - 16" and a shutdown on same to avoid surprises if someone ever inserts a similar module in the same slot.

There is a (almost undocumented) global command "module clear-config" which should be issued BEFORE removing the module. Using this command should cause most (but not all) traces of a module to disappear when you remove a module. I've never really used this command, a bit dangerous if you just want to replace a module and forgot this command was in the configuration.

In CatOS there is a "clear config " command if you're running CatOS only. If you're running hybrid that doesn't remove them from the IOS config.



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