MAC OS X using Cisco VPN Client through CISCO PIX 501


I have a bit of an issue driving me completely nuts here...

I have a small home network using a Catalyst 1900 switch, PIX 501 and Window and Mac OS X laptops.

All computers have the latest update in regards to OS's and Cisco VPN Client, and my PIX config allows any any connection to inside interface (access-list inside_out permit ip any any)

Now, I can connect to my office's PIX using the windows laptop just fine, but when I try it with the MAC OS X, I do connect but no traffic passes through, and on top of it internet access o the mac dies instantly (there is a split tunnel allowing users to have internet while connected to the office's vpn)

More mind bending (to me anyway) is that if the MAC is connected directly into the cable modem WORKS liek a charm, so it must be something with the PIX and MAC thing..... I've tried changing the MTU on the MAC laptop, but no luck.


Julian Dragut

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