Aironet 350 on Mac OS X using WPA


Is there a way to use my Cisco Aironet 350 on Mac OS X using WPA security? I only see WEP and LEAP options in the Aironet Client Utility (3.0.1 release). I want to connect to an Airport Extreme Base Station that requires a WPA password.


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I'm using that particular card for a Jornada 720 H/PC. I'm using an older firmware though, as I wanted to the card to be able to work with drivers that are built into the J720's ROM -- so, in a "worst case" scenerio (J720 needs to be completetly reset while I'm away from home), it will always maintain itself as a fully working "internet machine".

Anyway, I did a ton of experimenting with the card (trying out various firmware/ACU combinations). One of things that I discovered was that none of the ACU's, regardless of firmware, would do WPA. In order to get WPA out of the card, I had to use WinXP's WPA supplicant.

I don't know if this holds true with the Apple ACU's, but wouldn't be surprised if it does. Is there an WPA supplicant released by Apple that you could try, similiar to Microsoft's general WPA supplicant for XP? That may be worth a try first.

Have you been up and down Cisco's web site yet? You have to make an account, which is a minor PITA, but Cisco's website does have a ton of great resources -- although they are somewhat cluttered and schizophrenic.

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