ISA server with cisco PIX

Hi guys. My company recently bought ISA server 2004. I would like to integrate it into my setup with my pix 515 (3 interfaces). What i need the ISA server to do is to publixh a few servers i have on the inside and to provide internet filtering and caching. Can you give me an idea as to how to go about setting this up. I really do not want to distrub the setup i have in place already too much. I would like suggestions on placement and configuration of the ISA, also configuration of the pix. Thanks much for your asistance.


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Put ISA in Internal Interface if all the servers are in Internal Interfaces.

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I have the same setup, a back to back setup between pix with 3 if and isa 2 if .I have 2 DMZ's and a private LAN.

For better representation take a look here:

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