IPSec VPN client for Mac OS 9.x

Does anyone know of any 3rd party software for Classic Mac OS (9.x) which would allow to connect to Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator (using IPSec)? TIA

-- andrei

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Andrei Ivanov
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Looks like there -was- Netlock and TunnelBuilder but neither seems to be available now; Netlock seems to have died, and Efficient.com was bought by Siemens.

There was also PGPNet, which apparently had a freeware version. PGPNet became "McAfee VPN Client". Network Associates sold the PGP line in 2002 but kept the McAfee VPN Client. But it seems to have disappeared as well.

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Walter Roberson

As it appears, "netlock" is the key word. It can be obtained from Apani Networks for $95 (free trial available):

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A weird thing about this program is that it's managed through web browser. And it's rather limited compared with Cisco VPN client for OSX - just pure IPSec, no NAT-T, nor TCP encapsulation.

Was is IPSec client, or L2TP (or anything else)?

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