Looking for good cisco books

anyone have any recommendations for good cisco ccna ccdp cssp books or authors

i am not looking for cert books but books to gain full understanding of cisco.

My theory is once you know your stuff the certs would be a lot easier to pass


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For ccna ccnp on routing and switching definetly the books by Jeff Doyle on Routing TCP/IP Volumes 1 and 2.

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Yandy Ramirez

Cisco certifications are heavy on theory, so their training books are as well. The certification books are good as well, in that they'll tell you what is on the tests, as well as a solid foundation of network theory in common use today on cisco gear.

Anything by Cisco Press is good. CCNA is basic networking more so than anything cisco specific.

You'll take years to know everything cisco..

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Doug McIntyre

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